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Check out the new video Juliano and I made from my house today here~!!!

Current Helis

Walkera Runner 250 FPV Racing Drone~! Too Cool and TOO FAST!!!
Blade 350QX AP Combo!!! - Awesome New Quad Aerial Photography System
Blade 180QX Quad Copter - Great 3D Acrobatic Flying!
Blade PicoQX - Nice little indoor only quad
Blade BCX2 Coaxial Heli
Syma S107 Metal Series
Blade mCPX Version 2 Collective Pitch Heli
Blade mSRX Fixed Pitch Heli
Blade mCX Micro Coaxial Heli
Blade 120SR Fixed Pitch Heli
Blade nQX Nano Quad Copter
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quad Copter with two HD cams!
Parrot AR.Drone 1.0 Original Model Quad Copter
Thunder Tiger Raptor .30 Nitro Heli
And I even have the World's Tiniest Pocket Floureon FX-10 Mini 6 Axis Gyro 4CH Quadcopter 3D Eversion Aircraft in PURPLE!

Current Transmitters

Spektrum DX8 - Check out my New DX8 Page!
Spektrum DX5e
Spektrum DX4
JR XP652 Heli Version

I have purchased a number of new helis recently!!!

Photo gallery of all new photos of the new AR.Drone 2.0 I took with my iPad 3 last night are here!

I will be posting pics and info about them as soon as I have the time to spend updating this website. Stay tuned and check back often to see the pics, vids, and reviews of these newest addtions to my collection, among them, the new Blade Nano QX micro quad copter!

I just bought my first quad-copter, an AR.Drone 2.0!!!

AR.Drone Photo

I have been looking into getting a quad-copter drone for quite a while now to add to my collection of now 7 RC model helicopters, and found the AR.Drone 2.0 is the best bang for the buck currently! I bought it online from Amazon.com for only $300 and forked over an additional $100 for an extra high capacity LiPo battery with it's required AD/DC charger, and I LOVE IT!!!

It has two onboard video/still frame cameras. The front facing one is high deffintion 720p at 60 frames per second, and there is also a bottom facing VGA 30 frames per second camera.

The drone is controled onboard by a Linux OS based ARM CPU running at 1GHz, and has 1GB of SDRAM. It also has a multitude of sensors to allow it to fly itself with instructions from the onboard Linux computer! I totally love that is uses an onboard Linux computer, which can be accessed and hacked by telneting into the OS. This is the only thing I don't like, as telnet is totally insecure. They should have used secure shell(SSH) instead of enabling telnet into the OS.

This quad-copter drone is controled by my iPad version 3, but any iPad, iPhone, etc. running iOS 4.X or 5.X can control it's flight using WiFi B/G/N, as it has an onboard WiFi hotspot controller as well! Android devices can also be used to control this drone.

I had no idea that the live video feed was being recorded on my iPad during my very first flight, but I had to post it here, even though it is quite boring.

The first part of my first flight video is 1 minute, 20 seconds of Dan dancing a little jig, as you can only see his feet dancing around, after my first 10 second flight whichended in a hard landing/minor crash with no damage. Dan wasn't even aware he was doing a dance, but it's kinda funny. Feel free to fast forward 1:20 minutes if you're bored watching Dan do his dance.

I did my first flight at the back side of building 3 at work, and although I wasn't aware, there is a wind sock showing the wind, which I should have been aware of.

My first flights ended up with a crash from the breeze blowing the drone into a metal support structure, which caused the inside protective hull to break, ending the first day's flight. I didn't realize the video caught the airport style windsock, which shows just how much of a breeze was going that day of my first flight.

The video quality is amazingly clear and vibrant, considering the cost of the amazing quad-copter drone!

Let me know what you think by emailng: jamie@rcmodelhelis.com

Here is a video of my first flight at work, with Dan Durbin unknowingly doing a little dance jig to get us warmed up!

Differenet video format using .mov for Apple devices. Here is my first flight at work, with Dan Durbin doing a little dance jig to get us warmed up!

Photo gallery of all new photos of the new AR.Drone 20 I tool with my iPad 3 last night are here!

Index of all video formats I converted my first flight videos are here!

I just bought the new Blade mSRX flybarless fixed pitch heli!

I love the way it flys, as not only is it totaly stable, but also is able to do some really kewl manuvers previously only achievable by collectivce pitch helis!

Photos and vids to come when I get the time...

My First RC Model Helicopter Experience
Was a Nitro Powered Thunder Tiger Raptor 3D Collective Pitch 30 Class!

It took me a good year to build it from a kit from scratch, having never built a model helicopter in my life, and was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life!!!

Once I built it, I worked on tweaking the trimmings, servo throws, balancing, etc., and then took it to the local flying field on Ebey Island just east of Everett, Washington State(20 mins North of Seattle). I had one of the local experts from Tim's Hobby Shop in Everett, WA, the guy who sold me the heli kit, engine, tool box kit, starter, and all the required accessories give it a test flight, and it turned out I had the tail rotor belt reversed.

Good thing I had every tool imaginable, and was able to quickly disassemble the heli and reverse the belt. I then had the guy re-test fly the heli, and it flew and hovered great! Considering my zero experience in building any RC model, he seemed quite impressed!

I then proceed to try to learn to hover in my 10 acre field I had in front of my house, and was able to get it to hover about 5 feet off the ground pretty good. However, one day, as I was practicing hovering, it all of a sudden shattered in a thousand pieces. Obviously, something was off balance! I bought a crash kit to rebuild it, but have not had any spare "fun" time to spend working on it.

However, I have in the last week converted one of my spare bedrooms into my "official" hobby room to work on all my RC Helicopters, which now totals 7(not counting my new RC ultra-light plane), 6 of which are much smaller are more affordable eclectic heli models.

I took a bunch of photos of the Nitro Thunder Tiger Raptor as I have just started to disassemble the wrecked monstrosity, to document my progress as I attempt to rebuild it. The pics are here:

My Thunder Tiger Raptor 3D Collective Pitch 30 Size Nitro Powered Helicopter as I Start Work on Rebuilding It!

I recently purchased a brand new Blade mCPX Version 2, and a brand new Spectrum DX8 transmitter to go along with it, and the rest of my RC model heli collection!

Photo of my new Blade mCPX Version 2 Collective Pitch Helicopter!

Blade mQX YouTube Vids

I will continue to add more history, pics, tips and tricks I've learned over the years as time permits.

I plan on setting up a Wiki, Q&A forum,and shared photo gallery for all RC model enthusiasts to share their experiences and photos with the rest of the community very soon!

Any other suggestions for site content here is gladly appreciated!

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